I haven’t played WoW in 18 months, so here is my piece about how massively multiplayer online games are now a moral failing for all of us

Tl: dr that I think about all the time.

I really have no idea what the hell my body is doing or where it’s going. My nerve damaged foot, which had calmed down, has gotten a little nervy again. When I put my hand over my appendix scar, it goes to a different place than it did before. I have a CGM sensor rash on my arm from the stuff you put on your arm so that you don’t get a rash from a CGM sensor. My hair refuses to change color, no matter what I do to it. I went shopping yesterday and ended up buying t-shirts — same brand/style, different colors — in three different sizes. They all fit.

About six months ago I got an Oculus Quest 2. Using the Quest requires having a Facebook login, which is all I really use my Facebook login for anymore. I’ll try anything once but most of what I do these days is Wander, play rhythm games, and watch Prada fashion shows.

One of the characters in my book is turning out to be susceptible to unvetted, unreliable information. I absolutely need to keep her from taking over the whole damn project while also figuring out what the deal is with that. Usually I’m down for a new challenge, but this one is frustrating. Probably because it took long enough to figure out, as old gamers say, in meatspace.