A process cannot be understood by stopping it.

Not going to lie: posting that last post felt pretty great, and I’ve figured out why.

In certain types of company, I talk a lot about body stuff: sciatica stuff, fat stuff, getting old stuff, and especially T2D stuff. But I’m not interested in the evangelism or flagellation or complaining that often results from body stuff, particularly in my categories of body stuff.

When I read Dune for the first time as a kid, I desperately wanted to be a mentat. Years later, my wish has come true. We’re all mentats.

Talker Me and Writer Me draw from the same material but don’t work the same way at all, and I rely very heavily on both in order to Get It Right. To live my best mentat life.

So, I think I will keep writing about body stuff and posting it here, at least sometimes.